About Us

The Brand

The essence of McMurtrie illustrations is based on the love of the pencil to paper process. Combining colourful florals with contrasting grey elements such as the human body and wildlife results in beautiful and unique illustrations all originally hand drawn with hours of love, care and consideration.

Our brand began with the passionate desire of creating art unique from anything else on the market. McMurtrie Illustrations' aim is to bring life, colour and detail into your home, meeting current styling trends while remaining authentic to it’s brand. The sharp focus and detail provided in these illustrations are reflective in the hours of work involved in their creations. Light and shade give substance to the content, and the intricacies of design are captivating.

The word 'McMurtrie' was chosen to represent the brand as a tribute to Kimberley's  surname. The brand's name has been separated into syllables as a playful grab on how to correctly pronounce the name. Separation of the syllable encourages people to stop and concentrate on the name, as hopefully they do so with each illustration. 

The Illustrator

Kimberley, the artist behind McMurtrie Illustrations, is a self taught pencil artist and qualified graphic designer. She has completed a Bachelor of Design Visual Communications and practices as both a graphic designer and illustrator today. South Australian born and bred, Kimberley grew up in the internationally renowned wine region of McLaren Vale that has resulted in an abundance of creative inspiration also reflective in her subject matter. 

Combining the two creative areas of illustration and design keeps Kimberley's mind and hands very busy. Her passion for drawing and creating art supports her business McMurtrie Illustrations.