Santa's Little Helper - Greeting Card

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With the worlds’ population’s growing faster than ever, it’s unfair to expect Santa and his elves to receive no extra help right? So, Santa decided to seek help from only the best, a pint sized, adorable kitten named Rosy. 

Rosy the kitten does everything, gift wrapping, toy sorting, she even helps Santa drink the extra milk left out from the children. So, keep an eye out for Rosy this Christmas as you may catch a glimpse of her hiding in Santa’s boot.

This unique greeting card makes the perfect addition to any gift. Professionally printed, it's accompanied with a brown craft paper C6 envelope.

PAPER DETAILS: We use only the finest of quality paper. All prints are archival, acid free and printed on a 280gsm Knight Vellum paper to ensure longevity. 

AUSTRALIAN MADE AND ECO/SUSTAINABLE: We are proud to say that not only is our printing done by a local Australian printer, but both paper and ink is environmentally conscious and sustainable. Paper is sourced from responsibly managed forests (FSC approved), and printed carbon neutral. 

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