Russell the Reindeer - Gift Card

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Drum roll please otherwise this guy will get offended... introducing the one and only 'Russell the Reindeer'... well 'wannabe' reindeer. Not many people know that Russell actually rides on Santa’s sleigh! Yep, an unlikely character to be found on the sleigh Russel has a very important role... keeping an eye on the reindeer and the presents. You see Russell has always wanted to be a reindeer but never worked out how to fly... so now he spends his days snuggled up on Santa’s lap making sure the presents go to the right boys and girls.

Originally hand drawn with love.

This unique greeting card makes the perfect addition to any gift. Professionally printed, it's accompanied with a brown craft paper C6 envelope.

PLEASE NOTE: Please allow for up to 2 - 5 business days for your order to be printed and safely shipped to you.